Halfway to 50!

Twenty somethings unite!

Growing up, one night at a time… April 12, 2011

I was being pulled through the city by my husband.  “Come on!” he said.  I picked up my speed from a quick walk to a light jog.  “Um, I’m in a dress and heels,” I reminded him.  I tried to look calm and collected as I breezed past onlookers in my half sprint down the sidewalk.  After a few minutes, we finally arrived to our destination.  Whew!  We made it before 7:00 and that means no cover charge!  Winning!  I flipped out my ID and began walking into the piano bar.  “Hold on,” called the bouncer (is that what you call the guy who checks ID’s?)  He grabbed my wrist and stamped me.  Ugh.  I haven’t had a bar stamp in years.  It totally didn’t go with my outfit.  We strolled into the joint with our friends and immediately noticed there was no seating left.  Ok. so we’ll be standing.  We watched the stage as both a bachelorette and her future husband suffered public humiliation.  I believe at one point the man was told to “motor boat” his fiancée’s boobs and he did.  Forgive me for being a crabby pants, I had nothing to drink at that point.  It’s amazing how things aren’t as funny when it’s 7:00. 

We stood around for about an hour, sipping on drinks and trying to catch up with each other over the noise of the pianos.  I began to get a stomach ache.  Standing against a wall, in heels, sweating, was not the way I thought the night would be.  A few friends left and called to say that the brewery a few blocks away had seating and amazing appetizers.  We gulped our drinks and headed out.  Ahhhh, fresh air! 

We stepped into the brewery, pulled up chairs around a big table full of friends, ordered a plate of nachos, and I sighed.  “This is so much better.  We can actually hear each other and give our ankles a rest,” I proclaimed.  Then I gasped and covered my mouth as everyone stared at me.  “Oh my God.  That statement made me sound so old!”  We laughed and all agreed that this was indeed the better way to spend the evening.  We were visiting friends in the big city for the weekend and truly enjoyed catching up over greasy food and strong beverages.  Around 11:30 we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

It happened.  Again.  Just another night of being pulled further from 20 and closer to 30.  And you know what?  My feet, kidneys, and ears are thanking me 🙂

When did you notice yourself growing up?  How did you feel about it?