Halfway to 50!

Twenty somethings unite!

About Me! January 1, 2011

I’m halfway to 50 (that’s 25 for those who failed math.)  I find my twenties to be both fun and confusing!

I feel like I’m torn between acting like I’m 20 and acting like I’m 30. 

One part of me enjoys going to bars and having drinks with my friends.  It’s fun to throw on skinny jeans, curl my hair, and sing kareoke all night long!

On the other hand, I enjoy renting a movie with my husband of two years and falling asleep at 10:00 on a Saturday night.

I swear sometimes it feels like I lead a double life!

Follow me through my mid-twenties journey where I hope to make you laugh, smile, cringe, and cry (but mostly laugh.)  I haven’t shared this blog with my family or friends, so I’m counting on the readership of strangers to make this happen.  By blogging annonomously I’m able to be complete honest and forward about what’s going on in my halfway to 50 life.  Enjoy the ride!


One Response to “About Me!”

  1. aprillaugh Says:

    I love love love this blog! Interesting posts! Please keep it up!

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