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Drinks or a Redbox Movie? January 17, 2011

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Go, go, go!  Wooooo!  That’s what I heard at a sports bar last night as I watched the Packers play the… uh… that’s not important.  I met some friends for dinner and drinks, and apparently, to watch the football game.  We were having a great time catching up and sipping on drinks up until the Packer game started.  Directly following the National Anthem, half of the people at the table stopped talking and instead focused all of their attention on the football game.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for people who are passionate about sports.  They’re fun, competitive, loud, and exciting!  What’s not to love?  But I had no vested interest in either team so I had to find other means of entertainment.  Here’s what I did to say occupied:

1. Asked the waitress for an electronic game that allowed me to play trivia and Texas Hold ‘Em against other people in the bar.  I’m guessing my opponents were people who had also been socially abandoned by their friends once the game started.

2. I tried to watch the Miss America pagent on one of the 12  T.V.’s in the bar.  However the talent and question-answer portion of the competition lose their luster when you can’t hear what they’re saying.

3. I ordered an alcholic, fruity drink.  Heavy on the alcohol, light on the fruit.  Hey, maybe a little buzz will make the game more interesting?

Rolling into hour 5 at the sports bar I began to drown in boredom.  I love the people I was with and enjoyed battling my husband in a trivia game (I think he felt bad for me) but the night had run it’s course.  I looked to my friends who had just come back to the table.  Physically they had never left, but mentally they had been gone for 2 hours.  Who can blame them?  They’re super fans!  It was their idea of a perfect night!  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I mean, I was a cheerleader in high school for our football team, but that’s about as far as my connection with football runs.  It was time to leave. 

Here I was all dressed up.  Skinny jeans.  Ruffly black top.  Good hair night.  Ready to go for drinks after the game. But  I just couldn’t stay another minute.  5 hours of football was my max.  In true halfway to 50 form, my hubbie and I paid our tab and headed home at 9:00 on a Saturday night, skinny jeans and all.  The plan was to meet for dinner, watch the game, and head out for drinks.  Now the plan was to rent a movie from Redbox, throw on our pajamas and cuddle on the couch.  Was I disappointed with the outcome of our night?  Actually, no.  I got to catch up with good friends, brush up on trivia, and end the night in the arms of my hubbie.  Oh how times are changing!


2 Responses to “Drinks or a Redbox Movie?”

  1. 4megsmusing Says:

    I’ve had that same evening many times:)

  2. halfwayto50 Says:

    I’m not alone! Maybe now that it’s happened once, I’ll have myself better prepared for next time (and there will be a next time!)

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