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The Perfect Halfway to 50 Vacation Destination Is: ? January 7, 2011

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Being halfway to 50 while planning a vacation is fantastic!  The only two decisions that need to be made are when and where we’re going!  My hubbie and I are literally going to Google and typing in, “Best Beach Vacations” every night until we find something we like.  Without children at this point in our lives, we are free to pick up and go.  Well, mostly free.  We do have to go during the summer break because I’m a teacher.  And we can’t go over spring break because that’s my husband’s busy time at work.  But other than that we are free! 

Who would have thought that selecting a vacation would be so confusing?  Being halfway to 50 makes you think about things a little differently.  We thought about Cancun or South Padre…. but then again, we’re not 21 anymore and willing to flash crowds for a free plastic cup filled with warm keg beer.  We thought about going overseas to Paris but HA, let’s be realistic on what we can afford at this point.  The typical vacations crossed our mind but, I it makes me laugh when I imagine our knees sticking out of the Dumbo ride with no child in our laps at Disney World.  Soooo (big sigh) where does a halfway to 50, childless couple vacation for a week in the summer?  We’re still not sure.  Any suggestions?


8 Responses to “The Perfect Halfway to 50 Vacation Destination Is: ?”

  1. Frenchie Fanatic Says:

    Do an all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic or Jamaica! It’s not too long of a flight and flights aren’t *too* expensive. All-inclusive allows you to have a good handle on all of your costs.

    My fiance and I went to Excellence Punta Cana last February for my birthday and we had an amazing time. The weather was perfect and it was a great adults-only resort.


    • halfwayto50 Says:

      We did an all-inclusive in Jamaica for our honeymoon and LOVED it! The thing is my husband has a crap ton of Marriott reward points so we have to stay at a Marriott. They don’t have all-inclusives so its a catch 22. Hope I used that phrase right… Love adults only resorts though, good call!

  2. I love cruises… you can go someplace warm, play in the water, and see multiple places – kind of like a sampler. Plus, your room, meals and transportation are (for the most part) paid. Granted, alcohol and shore excursions can get pricey, but you don’t have to do either. Plus, you can pack a couple bottles of wine in your luggage if you want (don’t forget the corkscrew). I loved the Carnival cruise to Mazatlan, Puerta Vallarta and Cabo. The Carribean is great too. (We’ve been to Alaska – brrr – and other western Mexico destinations too.)

    • halfwayto50 Says:

      A cruise sounds great! Especially since its freezing outside right now! However, the hubbie can’t swim and has a huge fear of water. Not sure we’ll ever get to go on a cruise together, but maybe a girl’s trip is in order!

  3. adatoc Says:

    Europe. Capri, Italy.

  4. 4megsmusing Says:

    Just found your post from a reply you left on another, and i’ve enjoyed reading your stuff. As far as vacation suggestion, take it from a Mom of 2 in her mid 30’s…go ANYHWERE while you can without kids! It doesn’t really matter where, as long as you’re with your hubby, and without the restrictions travel with kids can bring. Believe me one day you’ll look back on it if you ever do have children and think, “Wasn’t that vacation to Guam great!” LOL!

    • halfwayto50 Says:

      Thanks so much for reading! I’m really new at this so I appreciate such a nice comment 🙂 We love to vacation as much as possible right now because, like you said, we know that someday it will come to an end. Thanks for the great advice!

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